What is YouTube TV?

Hey YouNubers! I’m sure you’re all so busy creating content, but did you catch the recent announcement about YouTube TV? If not you can read all about it here.

But in case you don’t have time for that, I’ll give you a quick rundown:

YouTube TV is exactly what it sounds like: a service to watch television programs but on YouTube instead of through a cable service provider. YouTube has steadily stolen eyes from traditional TV over the years, and this latest service aims to really gouge regular cable. It seems YouTube TV will offer the major networks (Fox, CBS, NBC, and ABC), along with sports and other channels related to those networks. For me, sports is one of the few reasons I even have cable still, so this news is HUGE.

But the coolest part about this whole thing is that YouTube-related content will appear alongside standard television programs, which will certainly blur the lines between these two types of content, and should garner audience attention toward YouTube content people may not have been aware of. Young people are already consuming more YouTube than television, so YouTube TV should bolster this audience’s viewership, and now an older audience, who might not necessarily use YouTube very much, will be exposed to YouTube creators. These are exciting times we are living in people!

Now for me, as a tiny tiny creator, YouTube TV will have zero impact on my channel–of course, only the most popular/trending content will appear alongside big TV shows. But it’s an encouraging and exciting thing to see, because it means YouTube will continue to grow and there are opportunities here for creators to grow as well (even me, one day…some day…hopefully).

So YouNubers, keep creatin’, keep dreamin’, and maybe one day you’ll see your video on the sidebar of a Walking Dead episode (cause we all know that show will never end).

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