YouTube Stopping 30-Second Unskippable Ads

That’s right YouNubers, YouTube is getting rid of the 30-second unskippable ads, so does that mean anything for you as a creator?

Probably not.

I have my videos monetized and the ads that get placed on my videos are totally random. And if you are curious about doing your own advertising, I’d suggest paying for the standard video ad that allow users to skip. These video ads only charge you once a viewer has watching 30 seconds of your ad, so if they skip your ad then you don’t get charged. If your ad is shorter than 30 seconds, viewers need to watch to the end before you are charged.

As a YouTube consumer, I’m happy I won’t have to deal with 30-second unskippable ads anymore (I do have an adblocker on one of my browsers, but I like to keep my other browser adblocker-free in order to support creators I like). I’ll admit, like most people, I hit that skip button all the time, and I think 30-seconds is a long time to force people to watch an ad before a YouTube video.

I really appreciate advertisers who purposely make ads that are fewer than 10 seconds (A&W comes to mind, and the fact that they came to mind says something about their advertising), and I think most people would be fine to watch a 10 to 15 second unskippable ad. In 10 seconds, businesses can certainly get their name and product in front of their target audience, and they can use a click-through call-to-action as well.

So if you were planning on using YouTube ads to promote your channel, consider making a short video–shorter than one minute–that shows people what they will get from your channel. Since you only get charged when people watch 30 seconds of your ad, YouTube advertising could be a good experiment to try promoting your channel.

And as for 30-second unskippable ads? YouTube says they’ll be done with ’em in 2018.

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