The YouTube Subscriber Scandal

Hey YouNubers, this week I have some information to pass along, which could affect your subscriber counts.

A YouTube live-streamer (BlackScreenTV) recently discovered a glitch in YouTube’s subscriber system in which a person would unsubscribe from the channel, but his sub count would go down by two instead of just one. And he actually caught this bug while streaming! Check out his video here. The video is just a black screen (real clever BlackScreenTV) so make sure your volume is turned on.

To test the bug, BlackScreenTV actually asked his subs to keep subbing and unsubbing to drop him down to zero, and you know what? He actually hit a NEGATIVE SUB COUNTThat’s right, he actually owed YouTube subscribers (that’s how negatives work, right?).

YouTube has responded and from what I understand, they have since fixed the issue. But considering they’ve been accused of having subscriber glitches and algorithm issues in the past, I’ll be keeping an eye on my sub counts.

Even though I’m a small channel, I too noticed that my sub count wasn’t updating properly. After a bit of research, I discovered that if someone subscribes to your channel and they keep their subs private, then you won’t be notified. So keep that in mind that your sub count may rise though you receive no notice, and hopefully your count doesn’t drop astronomically for no reason.

As content creators, it’s important that we’re aware of any issues that affect this platform we use, so if you notice anything strange going on with YouTube, hit me up in the comments.

One thought on “The YouTube Subscriber Scandal

  1. i believe you are either working for yt OR perhaps your just a truly good example of how much control they have over us but the last thing you said rang a bell… If you really want to help the platform and/ or your fellow man then simply tell me so and I will agree to show you something about YouTube that involves analytics that prove major fraud and explains the “unSub bug”… it also happends to expose Derral Eves, Roberto Blake and some others for conspiracy and its basically my story of how Yt is paying pewdiepie and all those big youtubers to make up this fake news and make it go viral in response to me and my findings and they changes the sub analytics because of me too. I’ve already said too much I feel. Just talk to me and we can go further. very soon videos will be available here but i have 0 subs and it would be heartwarming to see that somebody subbed so please do and thank you.


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