Should you copy other YouTubers?

Hey YouNubers, how’s it going?

I’ve been thinking about my favourite YouTubers and the things they do well, and this question popped into my head: should you copy other YouTubers?

For example, tons of great channels have a specific intro and outro, and there are a handful of channels I watch where the creators end there videos in similar ways (the saying “I’ll see you in the next video” comes to mind). Is that copying? Well it depends.

My advice to you is this: you should totally look at similar channels to yours and recognize the things they are doing that you like or that is working, and see if you can do something similar with your content. Now that’s not to say you should do EXACTLY what that creator is doing, because you absolutely should not. Most importantly, that creator works just as hard as you to create good content, so you shouldn’t steal it, but also, people will call you on it and that won’t help you at all.

But it’s not a bad thing to draw inspiration from channels you like, or to try and do something similar on your channel because your audience might dig it. As I said, a lot of great creators have intros and outros, which is an example of something you should do for your channel: come up with your own original way to open and close your videos.

A catchy intro/outro (Philip DeFranco, jacksepticeye, and boogie2988 jump to mind for me) can be a way to build your brand and help you grow your audience—just don’t completely rip off someone else’s formula.

And in terms of the content you’re making, if someone is doing something similar and you enjoy what they’re doing, ask yourself how you would do it differently, or how you could adapt it to suit your content/audience. Again, you’re not copying them or stealing their ideas, but you’re coming up with your own original content with the help of some inspiration.

You see this everywhere: social media, big businesses, music, art, the list goes on of people seeing other people’s ideas and drawing inspiration to create their own thing. YouTube is the same, and I encourage you to explore other content for inspiration. Just don’t outright copy/steal from other content creators. That’s not cool.

Til next time, fam.

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