New Year, Same Nube.

Welcome back YouNubers! I hope you had a wonderful and perhaps productive holiday season.

I didn’t get to record as much as I wanted to (I only posted two videos over the course of the month), but I did try something new: Facebook Advertising.

I paid for my first Facebook Ad, and I came away with somewhat mixed reviews. I created an ad that shared the link of my (at the time) most recent video. It featured very little copy (an ICYMI and headline) and the link to the video, which had my thumbnail. People who saw the ad had the ability to either play the video through Facebook or watch on YouTube.

My goal with the ad was to get as many impressions as possible (exposure on people’s Facebook newsfeeds) and get as many YouTube views as possible. In terms of impressions, Facebook reported 482 people reached, 1036 total impressions, and 26 engagements (likes, shares, and clicks). For this exposure, I paid $7 and had my ad play for 7 days.

Now that might seem pretty great, right? A dollar-a-day and that much exposure. But those numbers didn’t necessarily translate to success, nor does it explain whether people cared about my video or maybe even disliked it.

Most of those 26 engagements came from my friends—people who would have acted that way regardless of the sponsorship. And even though my ad reached 482 people, I didn’t get a single new like on my Facebook page and I gained (maybe) one subscriber to my YouTube channel.

Still, Facebook ads are a cheap way to get exposure and I will try another one in the future. Perhaps if my video is more engaging or if people continue to see my product, I’ll see an increase to my following.

As always if you have any questions leave ’em in the comments below, and I will keep you posted on my advertising trials.


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