Before I Go…

Hey YouNubers, I wanted to say one last thing before I take a little creation-vacation over the holidays: if you’re having fun making videos, keep doing it.

I’m sure I’ve said that 100 times but I feel like it’s a nice message to leave off on. Remember that early on, it isn’t about the views you’re getting, or trying to gain subscribers—it’s about getting better. The other stuff is just gravy at this point.

If you’ve been creating videos, you’ve probably noticed that the first ones aren’t so great, and hopefully you’ve seen progress since. I personally am excited to look back on where I started to where I’m at at various points in my YouTube journey.

If you’re making an interesting product, you’re having fun doing it, and you’re doing all you can to get your videos in front of the people who would like it, then the views and subscribers will come.

So don’t get discouraged because your first video only got 10 views. Instead, see what you can learn from it, make it better, and keep doing you.

Have a great holiday season fam and keep creatin’.

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