One last SIMPLE way to get MORE CLICKS on your videos

Hey YouNubers, this is part three of my “mini-series” about how to get more clicks on your videos, and this will be my last bit of advice on the matter (until I learn something knew, of course).

So you’ve been uploading videos with click-worthy (somewhat baity) titles and pretty, eye-catching thumbnails, but you’re still not seeing the clicks. What now?

Share your videos. Don’t spam. But share.

Now most of you are once again rolling your eyes and thinking “well duh, of course I should share the video. You think I haven’t been you idiot….”. Well HOLD UP.

Here’s some valuable advice on how to properly share your video:

(*and for the record, you’d be surprised at how many people just upload their video and call it a day)


Now this one seems a bit counter-productive, right? How are you going to increase your YouTube views if you’re getting those views on Facebook instead?

When your channel is just starting out, the important thing is for people to be seeing your content and knowing you exist. Don’t worry about losing views on YouTube, because chances are, you probably wouldn’t have had those views anyway. Focus on gaining exposure.

And now some of you are thinking “shouldn’t I just share the YouTube link on Facebook?”

You can do that. But Facebook de-values posts that take people away from their page. So by uploading your video directly to Facebook, you’ll actually get more exposure. What I suggest is telling people to look you up on YouTube in the description of the Facebook post (“Just search …. on YouTube”), or including your YouTube information in your actual video.


Boosting your post can be a pretty cheap way to gain exposure: something like $3 can get you seen 700 more times. Now that doesn’t mean 700 people will watch your video. But it does mean that your video will pop up in their timelines and some people will watch.

Personally, I’m waiting till I have more content on my YouTube channel before I start boosting posts. I want people to have more to watch should they choose to search my channel after seeing my Facebook post.

*The last thing I’ll say about uploading to Facebook, is if your video is long (like longer than 5 minutes), consider sharing a shorter clip of the video—probably the most interesting part. And again, encouraging people to see the rest on YouTube.


It’s very likely that your channel is inspired by other people’s channels, and perhaps you’re part of certain social groups or message boards that embrace the type of content you’re making.

Find out what their rules are for sharing and share your video with them.

Don’t spam your video to those pages—that’s a quick way to get people to dislike you. But share your video once, and be sure to comment on/watch the things other people are sharing. Having a presence in these groups is important. It shows people that you are a part of that community, and not just trying to promote your content.


Send out a click-worthy tweet that includes a link to your video. Post your thumbnail on Instagram and put the link in your bio. Snapchat your friends explaining that your video is live and tell them where to find it.

The goal here is to get anyone who follows you to maybe watch your video, and if they like it they will hopefully share it or subscribe to your channel.

So that’s it for my advice this week YouNubers. Sorry for the long post but I apparently had a lot to say. I will be taking a short break from YouNube for the holidays, as I need to focus on creating content for my YouTube channel (which I launched earlier this month!!!). I’ll be back in the new year: smarter, better at YouTube, and ready to dole out the advice.

Keep creatin’ YouNubers, and I’ll talk to you soon.

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