Another SIMPLE way to get MORE CLICKS on YOUR videos!!

Hey YouNubers! I’m continuing on with this “series” of “things to get you more clicks”, and you can probably guess this week’s topic once again from the picture…

The answer is thumbnails. Custom thumbnails.

When you upload a video to YouTube, you’re automatically given a choice of three possible thumbnails, which are random frames selected by YouTube, and are typically not very attractive. Making a custom thumbnail will help make your content more clickable, and it isn’t a hard thing to do at all.

Here are some tips to creating a thumbnail:

1. Put yourself in the thumbnail

People want to see you! I mean, if you’re not in your own video, then I guess you can skip that step, but at least put a person in the thumbnail. People identify with other people, so it’s good to have a real person in the picture.

2. Use photos that reflect the content of the video

If you’re talking about something specific (like with my example, a video game), then put that thing in the thumbnail. You can use it as the background image of your thumbnail, or as another element to catch the eye. Just make sure that your thumbnail has a sense of hierarchy—one major eye-catching element alongside the other elements.

3. Have just a bit of text to entice people to click

Briefly explain to people what they will get out of your video. This is important. People want to know how they will benefit from watching your video, so be concise and tease the content within. But do not say something that is not covered in your video, or people WILL hate you.

In terms of actually building the thumbnail, I made mine in Photoshop, but I know there are some free programs you can use, and I even watched a YouTube video where the creator made his thumbnail in Keynote (Mac program).

I’ve linked a video below for more information on the subject, and this video shows off a free program you can use to create thumbnails. If you have any Photoshop questions or general thumbnail questions, leave me a comment down below!

Take care creators!

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