When Things Go Wrong…

Hey YouNubers, I hope you were all able to watch last week’s video. Remember how I said there was something weird about the audio file? Well turns out, the audio wasn’t playing properly from YouTube’s mobile player. And needless to say, I was devastated.

When I uploaded the video, it was playing fine from my computer’s Chrome browser (though Safari wouldn’t load it in HD, which was also a problem, but since it’s a Safari problem I figured, eh whatever), but a friend messaged me to let me know that my audio wasn’t working when he tried to watch the video from his phone. Considering the number of people who scroll their phones and choose to click the video that way, I was upset that those viewers wouldn’t be able to watch my video. It also sucks that my videos are about getting better at making YouTube videos, and then I post a video that doesn’t quite work.

But mistakes happen, as I’ve said before, and when they do happen it’s a good opportunity to learn. I’m happy to say that I was able to fix the problem and I have since re-uploaded the video.

There are some cases though where the problem isn’t fixable, but you can still learn from those problems too. I’m not gonna lie everyone, I had a tough week.

I was recording another video, and about half way through, the program recording my audio broke… And I didn’t notice. Meaning I lost that half of the audio forever. And I can’t simply re-record for this particular video, because the content required my original reactions. So once again, time for another learning experience.

Make sure every program you’re running is working prior to hitting record. I usually double check everything before I start, and even still, I missed something. I typically record my audio with two programs to protect myself from something breaking. Unfortunately for me, my backup recording wasn’t set up properly like it normally is (my fault for not checking), and my primary recording glitched halfway through.

If it works with your videos, record in smaller chunks. By breaking up your recording in to parts, you’ll be able to make sure everything is working the way you want it to between takes. For the type of stuff I’m doing, it’s nice to record all in one go, but it means I need to make sure that everything is working perfectly beforehand. But even for me, I can typically break recordings up, so going forward, I’m going to be mindful of that.

This past week was the first time I’ve lost a bit of my work, and it sucks, but life goes on and I’ll be better for it. So don’t sweat the small stuff if it happens to you fam, because it happens to everyone. Just keep pushing on and strive to make better content every time.

Talk to you later YouNubers.

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