YouNube Rambles: Just Checkin’ In

Music by: Trenton Burton

Hey YouNubers, I made another video for you, and as promised, this one is MUCH better than the first. Since we talked about “being on” and video length these past couple weeks, I decided it was time to shoot another video to demonstrate what I meant in those posts.

I decided to shoot this video “on-location” (though in the end, the brick-background isn’t as interesting as I thought, but still better than the green wall, right?), and unlike the first video, I actually spent some time editing this one. And before I hit record, I knew that I needed this video to be brief, so I’m happy I got it down to three minutes.

Still, there are always things that could be better, and as an amateur content creator, I do make mistakes. I originally liked the way the video was lit, but seeing it now, I would have repositioned my lights a bit to fix the shadows. I also didn’t record the audio correctly—not exactly sure what happened, but something was wonky with the file when I worked with it in post. And I think I should have done a bit more planning with regards to the content of the video. I did think about what I wanted to say, but I could have been more concise if I had just jotted those thoughts down before I started shooting.

Thinking of my first video as an example of a bad or boring video, I consider this video to be an example of continued improvement. It’s okay to make mistakes, and it’s interesting to watch yourself get better and better as you continue to create content.

So keep creating content YouNubers, and if you have any questions about anything I do, the comments are always open.

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