YouNube Rambles: Let’s Chat.

Hey YouNubers, this week I made you a video to show you that I practice what I’ve been preaching. In this video, I show off the equipment I talked about two weeks ago, and I talk about the programs I’m using while recording.

This video is NOT a reflection of the type of content I am building for the YouTube channel I’m launching.

As you can see, there are no edits in this video. I just sat down in front of the camera and talked. I didn’t even try to frame the video in an interesting way, and I definitely look a bit overexposed in the shot (in the lighting world that’s called looking “hot”). I hope this shows you guys how simple it is to just throw up a video, but this is also an example of a video that won’t get much attention in the grand scheme of things. This video is just for you guys 🙂 and I’ve uploaded it as “unlisted” so that it doesn’t appear on my personal channel.

You’ll also notice that I need to do a better job of looking into the camera. It’s little things like that that you’ll only get better at as you start making more videos. And even though this video isn’t amazing, or game-changing, it still feels pretty good to have uploaded my first bit of original content. First video high-fives all around!

Even creating a video like this one came with its share of interesting problems, and you’ll all experience these little bumps in the road as soon as you start making videos. First off, there seemed to be a bit of lag between the video and audio, so I did have to edit that up a bit (though in post it’s more annoying than it is a challenge). Another interesting (and really weird) problem came up when I originally tried to export this video a couple days ago: for some reason, it wouldn’t let me export at 1080, making me think it had only recorded in 720, which would have been a disaster considering how much I stressed recording up to 1080. But in the end it exported just fine. Weird.

And that’s really what this “jumping off point” is all about: making mistakes, finding solutions to those problems, and trying to make better content as you go on. My guarantee to you is that the next video I make will be better than this one. I’ll actually throw in some edits, light it properly, and maybe create a fancy thumbnail or something.

Speaking of which, I will eventually write a post on creating custom thumbnails and end-titles, but I haven’t made any for my channel yet. When I do, I’ll definitely post about it.

As always, if you guys have any questions at all please ask away and I’ll do my best to help! I’ll catch you all on another time.

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